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Author of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Dark Fiction

Ladies of Horror 2013               Haunting stories, written for a great cause



Available as of Halloween 2013, the much anticipated next installment of Ladies of Horror became available, including Elyse Draper's short short: Lay Me Down. All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the American Cancer Society 


After saving another's life, one with which Charlie has an unknown yet powerful attachment to, she is saved from her nightmare of an existence by a strange woman. The stranger doesn't seem to have Charlie's best interests in mind, as she leaves our heroine mortally wounded under an overpass, while interrogating her on her past. Through nightmares, and reflection, we find out there is much more to Charlie, than the reclusive shadow that she pretends to be.  


 The Freewill Trilogy







Given a second chance at life … would you choose to live it any differently?

            Ellie has discovered an ancient world that exists within, and along side, our own. To survive the mysterious and dangerous, she has to learn what she has become since her death, where her strength really resides, and how to love and be loved. Unknown to her, destiny's stop watch is counting down … will she have time to gain the knowledge needed to endure?

"Free Will" musical inspiration: Because I write in the first person, but switch between personalities, I have separate playlists for each character.

Ellie: Bring on the Wonder … by Susan Enan, Broken Like and Angel … by Crossfade, I Found a Reason … by Cat Power, All of this … by Blink 182, Sound of Pulling Heaven Down … by Blue October.

Christopher: Papercut … by Linkin Park, With You … by Linkin Park, Outside … by Staind, Fake it … by Seeter, Something I Can Never Have … by NIN, Gone Forever … by Three Days Grace, Let You Down … by Three Days Grace.

James: Rat in a Cage … by Smashing Pumpkins, More Human Than Human … by White Zombie, Indestructible … Disturbed.


 Sometimes choices have to be made, ones that inevitably  kill a little part of our souls … Christopher has found this out the hard way, and he may not survive the consequences of allowing his heart to be touched by a monster. Will his guardian angel, Ellie, return before it's too late?

"Consequences" musical inspiration: Christopher: Love Hurts … by Incubus, Already Gone … by Crossfade, Gone Forever … Three Day Grace, Scars … by Papa Roach, Breath … by Breaking Benjamin.

Michael: Through the Glass … Stone Sour, Face Down … by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Still Around … by 3oh!3, Love Her … Seether, Drive … by Incubus.  

Ellie: The Fantasy … by 30 Seconds to Mars, The Gift … by Seether, Falling Away with You … by Muse, I Miss You … by Blink 182, and a special piece from when Ellie was drawn to an Athens Discothèque-- Gia … by Despina Vandi.

Echidna: Just Like You Imagined … by NIN, Right in Two … by Tool, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor … Drowning Pool, Slow Chemical … by Finger Eleven, Getting Away with Murder … Papa Roach.




Mysterious murders, strange secret societies, and betrayal surrounds Christopher. Ellie finds out, if she can survive the treachery of giving your heart to another. Will they be able to fight their way home … and what sacrifices must be made to understand the world around them?  


"Vindication" musical inspiration: Michael: Sleep … by My Chemical Romance, Drive … by Incubus, I'm On Fire … by Bruce Springsteen, In The Absence of Sun … by Duncan Sheik, Like a Stone … by Audioslave.

Christopher: Savior … by Rise Against, Rain … by Breaking Benjamin, Cold … by Crossfade, My Sundown … by Jimmy Eat World, Victim … by Trapt, Headstrong … by Trapt, Walking After You … by Foo Fighters.

Ann: Pushing Me Away … by Linkin Park, A New Beginning … by 26, Don't Go Away … by Oasis, Because I Want You … by Placebo, Glitter In the Air … by Pink, Scream … by Chris Cornell.

Ellie: Little Earthquakes … by Tori Amos, Already Gone … by Kelly Clarkson, Numb … by Linkin Park, Hide and Seek … by Imogen Heap, Return to Me … by Matthew Ryan, My Heart … by Paramore.

Echidna: Stripped … by Shiny Toy Guns, Louder Than Thunder … by The Devil Wears Prada, Redeemer … by Marilyn Manson, Something I Can Never Have … NIN cover as done by Flyleaf.




Voices of Autism: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength

Available now at Amazon.com 

Each contributor shares a poignant, heartfelt and often inspiring true account of experiences with autism spectrum disorders, from the frustration of an autistic teenager unable to speak, yet knowing he is being left out of conversations in “The Price of Talk,” to the sadness and fear of a mother as her son becomes a man in “Postpartum Blues Plus Twenty.” And Elyse Draper’s story of a seven year old boy trying to function with Asperger syndrome, while attending public school in Colorado, expressing the frustration found with social interaction in “Autism the Beautiful Mind.”

"Autism the Beautiful Mind" musical inspiration: Breakable … by Fisher



Ladies of Horror 2009

Available now at Amazon.com.


October of 2009 the much anticipated release of "Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2009" will be available for purchase from Amazon.com. My contributions not only include the short "I am Morte", but also the cover art for all three anthologies, "Ladies of Horror", "Gentlemen of Horror", and the combined work. A wonderful compilation that brings together the talents of twenty amazing dark fiction and horror authors. Photos of each cover are available to look at in the Photo Gallery.

"I am Morte" musical inspiration: The Call … by Regina Spektor, So I Thought … by Flyleaf, I Don't care … by Apocalyptica, A Little's Enough … by Angels & Airwaves, Terrible Lie … by NIN, Haunted … by Evanescence.



The Smoking Poet 2010 Spring Edition #14

I am honored to have a piece published in the 2010 Spring Edition of The Smoking Poet, where “A fine cigar and good literaturetwo of life’s most enduring pleasures.” http://www.thesmokingpoet.net/index.html

"I Remember Love" by Elyse Draper


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Environmental tragedy of our own making awaits us, and only behavioral evolution will save the human race. The clock is ticking, and unbeknownst to us … we are being watched. What if our ethics, our choices in how we treat one another and world around us, are going to either save us, or destroy us.



A fantastical tale, delving into the premise that Heaven and Hell are built on the perception of who we are … not where we're going.