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Blessed by Finding a Resourceful Character

Posted by Elyse Draper on January 18, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Blessed by Finding a Resourceful Character

In Celebration of the new show 'Wardens' on The Outdoor Channel

        In the midst of finding a remote area to place one of the main characters in my second novel "Consequences", and finally ending up in northwestern Montana, I came across a group of exceptional professionals that I had failed to notice in the past, Game Wardens. That's right, Game Wardens … the solitary folk, who only really come to mind when one hears about poaching on the evening news. Growing up in Colorado, I've had the luxury of enjoying the outdoors, nature at its grandest … but I was mistaken in not really recognizing those who actively choose to protect the wilderness that I've come to love so much. Getting to know the mentality behind the persona, beyond the uniform, I found a group of honorable people who carry the weight of a community … not only catering to wildlife protection, but also helping to find a balance between humans and nature.

        Since the late 1800s, Montana has been developing a functional conservation initiative, not only for fish and game but also for environmental protection of the land and its natural assets. The Game Wardens are truly on the frontline, and openly offer tremendous resources in economics, education, and science. They are our "canaries in the coal mines', with the ability to provide valid information on the environmental issues that concern America, and ultimately the world. I have to admit though that this wasn't what drew me to create the fictitious character, Michael Deal, from the Warden's world … it was the profound consideration that I witnessed behind the profession.


       These men and women are educated, strong in mind and spirit, and driven by a deep respect for life in all of its manifestations. For a writer, the depth of character was hard to resist … not so much for their strengths as their understanding of vulnerabilities: within humans as well as the fragile balance existing in nature.


       Now, among their many wonderful attributes, they are being spotlighted on a show of their very own on the Outdoor Channel. I consider this extremely exciting news that will show the public a side of the profession that is long overdue. This spotlight will also guide even the most devote homebody to travel out of doors and experience nature … and while you're there, don't forget to thank your local Department of Wildlife official, Game Warden, or Park Ranger.

To watch the show, please tune into The Outdoor Channel on Thursdays 9:30pm ET, or look them up at Outdoor Channel.com/show/wardens

You can also join them on Facebook at Wardens on Facebook

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