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A Review That Every Author Wishes To Receive

Posted by Elyse Draper on March 19, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Article: The Incomparable Elyse Draper  By Peter Cimino


Dear Reader,


I have been blessed by the social networking world, giving me a circle of friends that accept and support one another with open arms. The response to the eShort give away of "I am Morte" has been wonderful; but I never could have imagined the amazing feedback. One fellow writer, Peter Cimino, took his reaction to print (for that is what us merry band of writers do); and his impression, and resulting review/interview quickly became the critique every author dreams of receiving. With a resounding, Thank You! … I hope to show the appreciation Peter deserves.

Warmest regards,

~Elyse Draper 


Getting to know, Mr. Cimino:

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, moved to the suburbs of Chicago in 1994.

With a degree in Psychology and two diplomas from the Long Ridge Writers School, he realized his call to writing about seven years ago. Ever since, he has been on a journey to make it his livelihood. “I guess I have a lot to say and a lot of stories to tell. But, I don’t strive to be like any other writer. I just try to be me: human yet unforgettable.”

Over the last three years Peter has been published over 25 times on various web sites featuring pieces on topics such as sports, paranormal, business and real life journeys. He has also written two fiction short stories that are pending publication.

One Woman, One Island, One Choice: An inspirational short about a young single mother, struggling with drug abuse. This piece is currently sitting on a magazine editor’s desk pending publication.

Lucky Says Hello: An Italian American / Gangster short, is in the process of being revised for a second shot at publication. This realistic tale helped breathe life into his recently completed novel called, Big Pete. Big Pete is currently searching for a home at a literary agent.

Big Pete Carissimo, the star of Big Pete the novel, has this to say. “We are not gangsters! This deal with Luciano…… it’s just business. Capice?” For a more detailed glimpse into the story of “Big Pete”, please visit the home page of Peter’s web site.

Check out Peter's page